Health benefits come from the colors of foods

There is no doubt about the impact of colors to your mood and mental state.  Although light or color therapies have been used to treat the diseases, but they are not considered as reliable therapies. Many studies have shown that colors can affect our body, because it may affect the quantity and the energy within the body. In fact, color therapy is an ancient therapy documented in the medical documents of ancient India, China, Greece and the Egyptian civilizations. They used seven colors of the spectrum to heal. Here are the effects of certain colors to us: Red Red symbolizes the heat and warmth, and it makes our hemoglobin multiply, thereby releases energy and increases our body temperature. It is associated with the Root Chakra (Muladhara). Orange Lower abdomen, colon, uteru, ovaries, testes and prostate are all influenced by orange. Yellow Yellow has close ties with liver, stomach, spleen, small intestine and endocrine glands. They effectively treat indigestion and have the ability to detoxify the body. Green This color is related to the heart and chest. The negative side of green is it maybe relate to heart disease, breast cancer, allergies along with the troubles occur in the immune system. Blue Blue is related to the respiratory system, the digestive organs and thyroid. This is the color for those who have the ability to express themselves and connect information. Indigo Indigo is related to eyes. They are effective in reducing pain, softening spirit so yellow will be a great helper for those who are experiencing mental stress. However, the negative effect of this color is bringing feelings of fear, loneliness, dourness. Violet Violet affect the brain and the pituitary gland. Soothing ability of violet can help in the treatment of stress, depression and sleep problems.

7 miracle foods for a long life

1. Shiitake Shiitake is an edible mushroom that helps you live long and stay healthy According to the modern medicine, shiitake contains a lot of starch, may increase immunity and detoxification of the body, increase the ability to fight cancer. Also, shiitake can lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, prevent atherosclerosis, be heart and liver tonic. 2. Seaweed Seaweed has the effect of eliminating toxins, preventing the body from absorbing metals such as lead, cadmium… Besides, seaweed can remove radioactive elements in the body, treat arteriosclerosis effectively, stimulate pituitary gland, reduce female hormone women body, make reproductive organs recover normally, eliminate the potential of breast disease. 3. Wood ear Black wood ear can dissolve indigestible substances such as wood chips, sand, scrap metal… and melt gallstones, kidney stones. This black fungus also can reduce the blood clot, help prevent clogged arteries. 4. Pumpkin Eating pumpkin is very beneficial in preventing hypertension, gallstones, diabetes and other diseases with liver, kidney. Pumpkin can help patients with poor kidney function increase liver's cell regeneration. Pumpkin contains trace elements, which are necessary for the synthesis of insulin. Pumpkin also can destroy carcinogens and oxidative substances. 5. Cauliflower Cauliflower is a vegetable that contains a lot of copper, may prevent infection, clean the blood vessels efficiently, prevent oxidation of cholesterol and blood clots, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and catastrophe. Eating cauliflower increases the likelihood of liver detoxification, prevents flu and bad blood. Long-term using can reduce the risk of breast cancer, colorectal cancer and gastric cancer. 6. Carrot Carrot is a plant with high detoxifying effect, after association with mercury in the human body, may reduce mercury levels in blood, increase the rate of excretion of mercury from the body. The nutritional components such as vitamins B and vitamin C contained in carrots can also help soften the skin, anti-aging. Carrots also reduce the risk of ovarian cancer in women. 7. Spinach Spinach has the effects of detoxifying, cooling stomach and bowel, treating constipation, creating comfort feeling. Spinach contains an insulin-like substance, can balance and stabilize blood sugar. With its high vitamin content, consuming spinach may help prevent diseases caused by lacking of vitamin as aphthous stomatitis, night blindness.    

Explore the nutritional benefits expressed through the colors of foods.


health benefits

Orange foods such as carrots, sweet potatoes, oranges, pumpkin, papaya, salmon… hide inside unexpected benefits. They are rich in antioxidants – carotenoids bioflavonoids, vitamin A, C… and especially useful for skin, eye and cardiovascular health. According to nutrition experts, using these foods daily will help you to have a healthy heart, bright eyes and fresh skin.


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White foods can help you reduce the risk of heart disease 

White foods have many nutritional benefits. They can increase immunity, lower cholesterol, reduce blood pressure and risk of heart disease. Regular using white foods such as onion, radish, garlic, corn, rice… also helps strengthen the immune system and cell recovery.


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The red foods like tomatoes, beet, watermelon, guava, red bell pepper, cherry, pomegranate… are studied and proved that they contain lycopene (antioxidant) and anthocyanin, which bring many benefits to cardiovascular health and circulatory system, improve memory and reduce the risk of cancer.


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Some green fruits and vegetables like grape, spinach, kiwi, green apple, lettuce, onion, pea, celery… contain a lot of vitamin C, E, K, calcium, iron… so they can support musculoskeletal system, anti-aging, enhance cardiovascular health.


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Yellow foods are high in vitamin A, C, calcium… to improve immunity of body, bring you fresh, healthy skin. Some foods that are yellow: pineapple, yellow bell pepper, corn, star fruit…


health benefits

Purple foods like  blueberries, grapes and eggplant… contain antioxidants. They can prevent aging, maintain beauty skin.

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health benefits

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